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Get now the best Analytics Bi/BigData open source based solution!

  • Installation, configuration, training and support included
  • Ready to use on premise or in the cloud
  • No license fee and unlimited users

As powerful as an enterprise version,
with the advantages of being Open Source

  • User friendly, templates and wizard
  • Technical skills is not mandatory
  • Link to external content
  • Browse and navigate on cascade dependency graphs
Analytic Reporting
  • PC, Tablet, Smartphone compatibility
  • Syncs your analysis with other users
  • Download information on your device
  • Make better decisions anywhere and anytime
  • Different output formats (CSV, Excel, PDF, HTML)
  • Task scheduling to automatic execution
  • Mailing
Balance Scorecard
  • Assign customized weights to your kpis
  • Edit your data on fly or upload an excel template
  • Follow your key performance indicators
  • Visual kpis, traffic lights colours
  • Assign color coding to your threshold
  • Define your own key performance indicators
  • Make calculated fields on the fly
  • Explore your data on chart
  • Drill down and roll up capabilities
  • What if analysis and mailing
Adhoc Reporting
  • Build your reports easily, drag and drop
  • Models and languaje created to Business Users
  • Corporative templates to your company
  • Advanced filters
  • Configure your threshold
  • Mapping alerts and business rules
  • Planning actions when an event happen

Discover the most complete Bussines Intelligence platform with more features in the market

Pruéba LinceBI Gratis
Seguridad datos


  • Data security
  • Security by user/rol, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, Single sign-on integration
  • JDBC-based security
Integración datos

Data Integration

  • Multiple data sources allowed
  • Data profiling
  • Easy deploy and automation

Embedded Analitycs

  • Portal integration, web page integration
  • Get more power to your apps with analytics
  • Get better results joining a set of tools
Big Data

Big Data

  • Hybrid Architectures BI+BigData
  • Data Lake and Big Data platforms
  • Telemetry: Data collection and analysis measurement generated by devices
Real Time

Real Time

  • Data analytics real or near real time
  • Social media analytics
  • Logs analytics
Data Mining

Data Mining

  • Forecasting: Demand forecasting with Holt-Winters models and ARIMA
  • Recommendation systems: Suggested for each type of user using collaborative filtering techniques
  • Sentiment Analysis: Improving marketing company thanks to sentiment analysis

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LinceBI is an experienced company, created by experts whose Big Data and BI solutions are using for many companies.

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